Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leading Lines

     The first image has very noticeable leading lines. The lines in the floor make up leading lines heading towards the plant, and there is a leading line made from the edge of the door. I think this picture came out well. The second image has not as many leading lines. There is one made from the railing of the stairs pointing towards the dog, and one made from the edge of the door.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rule of Thirds

     I used the rule of thirds on a chair, and a vase of roses. In the top image with the chair, I had the chair facing towards the left on the right side of the image so the chair is facing inwards. The bottom image has the vase of roses on the left side, and the edge of the counter is in the bottom third of the image. I think the image of the roses came out nicely. The image with the chair was a bit bland.

Point of View

     I decided to photograph my dog because I thought she was able the be viewed very differently from different angles. I decided to use these three images because they showed the most varied and interesting points of view. In the top image she looks very small, while in the bottom image she looks very large.