Thursday, June 14, 2018

Final Project Reflection

     For my final project, I created a website listing all the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all the heroes and villains of those movies. There are 5 main pages. The home page, providing a summary of what the website is about, the timeline page, listing all the movies in chronological order, the heroes page, listing the major heroes of the movies, the villains page, listing the major villains of the movies, and the upcoming movies, page, listing movies that have been announced but have not yet came out. I also made individual pages for each movie.
     I started with the Home page. I made the logo by editing the Marvel Studios logo, changing it to read "MCU History." The background I think was very well done. It looks metallic, which is what I wanted. I also froze the background, to give the page more depth. I did not use a container, because I wanted the page to feel more open. The block quote that I wrote about the website in I made partially transparent, because I felt it made it look nicer than just a flat color. I also used what I learned doing the honors lessons to add a changing picture, which showed the movie posters of each movie.
     On the Timeline Page, I made a list of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and listed them based on the year they take place. By each movie is the movie's official poster. It is also possible to click on any of the movie's titles to go to it's individual page. On the each movie's individual page, is a large version of its movie poster, the movie's official trailer, and a synopsis of the movie.
     On the Heroes page and Villains page, the Heroes and villains are listed. I had planned to give each Hero and Villain their own page like I did with the movies, but I did not have enough time. This makes these pages somewhat empty, and is what I regret the most.
     On the Upcoming movies page, the movies that have not yet came out are listed. Only 2 have movie posters, so only 2 movies have posters on the website. the rest don't have any picture with them. It is also unknown what 5 of the upcoming movies will be called. By those movies, I put "Full name unknown" in parentheses.
     My biggest challenge would have to be making the pages for the individual movies, just because of how time consuming it was. The thing I was most happy with was the logo. I was very happy with how It looked. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Biography Project Process

When I made the Biography Project, I first decided who I was going to make it be about. I decided on Robert Goddard, because I had heard about him before and was interested in what he did. Once I started designing the website. I made most of the design before writing much, because I wanted to make sure that looked good. Making the website, In wanted to include a bit extra, so I made the Home page have a changing photo gallery, and added a favicon to the website. I chose to make the website have a mostly blue theme, because I felt that went well with the black and white pictures of Goddard. I ran into some issues when making the list with the custom icon, because I wanted to use one of Goddard's rockets as the icon, but found it difficult to make the image small enough to fit right on the page while still looking like a rocket. I think I like how the changing photo gallery the most. I think it came out well, and I edited the pictures to include information on the photos at the bottom, which I think came out nicely.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leading Lines

     The first image has very noticeable leading lines. The lines in the floor make up leading lines heading towards the plant, and there is a leading line made from the edge of the door. I think this picture came out well. The second image has not as many leading lines. There is one made from the railing of the stairs pointing towards the dog, and one made from the edge of the door.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rule of Thirds

     I used the rule of thirds on a chair, and a vase of roses. In the top image with the chair, I had the chair facing towards the left on the right side of the image so the chair is facing inwards. The bottom image has the vase of roses on the left side, and the edge of the counter is in the bottom third of the image. I think the image of the roses came out nicely. The image with the chair was a bit bland.

Point of View

     I decided to photograph my dog because I thought she was able the be viewed very differently from different angles. I decided to use these three images because they showed the most varied and interesting points of view. In the top image she looks very small, while in the bottom image she looks very large.